Palidoro – To help Casa Ronald little is enough

Palidoro – All it takes to help Casa Ronald is a little bit

“All it takes to help Palidoro's Ronald House is a little bit. I’ve done it. A shopping trip to some supermarkets.

Trivial things. Snacks, food, cleaning supplies. And above all, a beautiful smile. That smile that serves to encourage the many children who host Ronald House and a shoulder to make those tireless people without whom this large family could not go on feel less lonely.

Very little is needed. Just a little bit’ goodwillà. In a Ronald House there’s;è always to do, there’è Always in need of volunteers whether it be just for a visit, a benefit, housekeeping or entertaining guests.

Christmas è a step, among millions of families who will spend it in the company of friends and relatives there are many more who instead will be forced, despite themselves, to stay in a Ronald House. Let’s not forget them. Every gesture, even the mostù small, canò be important”.

This was stated by the president of the Il Piccolo Borgo di Palidoro association, Paolo Sbraccia.

The Ronald McDonald Italy Children’s Foundation for Children è a’nonprofit association established in 1999 to help sick and disadvantaged children have a better future. This effort is carried out through a series of humanitarian and scientific initiatives involving children and their families.

Ronald House Palidoro è The third Casa Ronald opened in Italy, it is located within the hospital complex of the Bambino Ges’Hospitalù of Palidoro.
Thanks to Casa Ronald in Rome Palidoro, sick children from Italy and abroad can continue to live together with their parents to be supported by their love and face in a better way the path to recovery and against the disease.

The foundation exclusively pursues the goals of aà of solidarityà social and carries out its work in the areas of social and socio-health care, charity, education, training and scientific research. Specifically, the purpose of the Foundation is to implement initiatives of the mostù High social interest, such as caring for sick and troubled children.