Palidoro – Bambin Gesù, Montino; Resource for the territory.

Palidoro –Bambin Gesù, Montino: “Resource for the territory.”

It è held this morning a visit of the mayor of the City of Fiumicino Esterino Montino at the Hospital Bambino Gesù of Palidoro. “The pediatric facility Bambino Gesù – said Mayor Montino – è a great resource for our territory. I thank the person in charge, Dr. Alessio Calandrelli, who accompanied me this morning on a tour of a hospital of excellence that in recent years, thanks to major renovations, è become more and moreù welcoming and child-friendly.

By this Administration c’è maximum availabilityà to collaborate on a number of projects, including prevention and screening in schools, which we will carry on thanks to the high professionalism of our staffà working in Palidoro”.

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