Obesity comes the patch to fight excess fat; to

Obesity comes the patch to fight excess fat’excess fat

Big news could come from Singapore, where a group of researchers from the Nanyang Technological University Have developed a device that will serve to reduce body fat up to 30% in less than a month and without playing sports.

A revolutionary method that could change the fate of millions of people worldwide by combating one of the conditions that lead to several often fatal diseases.

Obesity the patch that fights excess

Scientists at the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore would in fact have developed a
inch patch that would be able to transform the so-called bad fats in brown fat
that would promote the calorie disposal without storing fat.
The operation is very simple the patch against obesity’obesity has on its surface hundreds of
micro needles
smaller than a hair that penetrate the skin by gradually injecting two drugs
combined together in a’single dose and help lose weight.
The’application is very simple you put the patch on the skin for two minutes the time the micro needles
penetrate and allowing the treatment to take effect.
Currently, the patch has been tested on mice only And it seems to have worked with the reduction of
Weight gaining around 30 percent in just four weeks.

Satisfaction in the work team

Although the patches have been very effective in mice, we expect that they will be even more effective on humans
humans because our fat layer accumulates directly under the skin, so the needles will be able to
reaching fat. even more effectively”
, said the Professor Chen Peng, One of the researchers from the
Apparently, this new technology will be tested on men over the next two years’over the next two years.
When questioned, Sportello dei Diritti president Giovanni D’Agata pointed out that the patch
against obesity may reach the market no sooner than five maximum ten years.