Study from Oxford the aspirin would be responsible for 3000 deaths per year among the elderly in R alone

Study from Oxford: aspirin would be responsible for 3,000 deaths a year among the elderly in the UK alone

Oxford University scientists send warning: aspirin would be responsible for 3.000 deaths in the UK each year. Taking the medication daily, especially for elderly people who have previously been affected by a stroke or suffered a heart attack, would, therefore, be dangerous. The reason? It is no secret: it can cause gastrointestinal bleeding – com’is also mentioned in the package insert. In the United Kingdom alone, each year there would be about 20.000 cases of aspirin-induced gastric bleeding among all age groups.

But research represents a breakthrough: for older people with certain pre-existing conditions such bleeding could be fatal. Why patients who have had a heart attack or stroke take aspirin’aspirin? Tablets thin the blood and can thus prevent, for example, a relapse. Therefore, it is necessary that taking aspirin for this purpose should also be prescribed by the doctor.

However, in addition, it is important to take proton pump inhibitors according to Oxford scientists – if bleeding is to be prevented in 90 percent of cases. L’aspirin is dangerous? Aspirin is only dangerous if you are predisposed to its side effects and abuse it. Just because, for example, it is free for sale in the UK, many people exaggerate.

The’important thing, notes Giovanni D’Agata, president of the “Sportello dei Diritti,” is to be aware that it is always a medication and that it is good to always consult a doctor.