Curative and aesthetic pedicure what differences

Curative and cosmetic pedicure what differences

Aesthetic pedicure is a procedure by which feet with no problems are treated while curative pedicure treats minor, non-medical problems. Aesthetic pedicure begins with softening the feet with a foot bath in lukewarm water and then removing cuticles and cutting the nails (with subsequent removal of the previous nail polish with a solvent).

Pedicure, what is done in aesthetic centers

Finally, a massage with a scrub and the application of a new polish is also done in aesthetic centers, if the client so desires.

A healing pedicure, on the other hand, begins with a foot bath, cutting and filing the nails and, compared to a cosmetic pedicure, also involves the removal of corns and calluses as well as the treatment of ingrown nails.

If the inflammation is pathological, the client may need to see a surgeon or a dermatologist or podiatrist precisely because the situation may be more complex.

Partridge eyes, ulcers, warts, ingrown nails with inflammation may occur, all of which are issues that cannot be treated by beauticians in beauty centers. So, cosmetic pedicure deals with the aesthetic appearance of the foot and is a relaxing practice that the client undergoes to return the foot to its original beauty.

Usually, it is in high demand before the summer season when people will wear open shoes or go to the beach.

Curative pedicure, on the other hand, treats the foot from issues such as corns, calluses or ingrown toenails and is requested when one has pain and discomfort as well as unsightly blemishes (such as calluses).

While cosmetic pedicure can be done on one’s own (as well as in beauty salons), curative pedicure is a treatment that must necessarily be done by an esthetician or by a doctor in more complex cases (usually, when there is nail fungus or mycosis, it will always be to refer to a specialist).