Calming herbal teas which ones to choose

Calming herbal teas which ones to choose

Every herbal tea brings its own benefit, a positive effect on those who drink it. There are calming herbal teas able to improve situations of stress, anxiety or fatigue but also insomnia, conciliating sleep and making it more serene. Surely one of the quintessential relaxing herbal teas is the chamomile That it is useful for reconciling sleep and therefore to be drunk before bedtime.

The properties of herbal teas

But it also has digestive, antineuralgic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and sedative properties so it is also recommended to be drunk by those suffering from menstrual pain. Another calming herbal tea is one made from mallow Which is a plant used to relax body and mind. If possible, better to opt for infusions that in addition to mallow contain nettle, wheatgrass and fennel Which also have an emollient and refreshing function.

Still, another calming and relaxing herbal tea is the one made from passionflower, antispasmodic capable of relieving any stress. If you also want to opt for a tasty, as well as functional (i.e., calming) infusion, choose herbal teas based on orange blossom or neroli, That reduce anxiety and promote sleep.

This too is therefore advisable to drink before bedtime. But there are many other herbal teas that have the functionality of calming, and more.