Rossi president Tuscany region Intramoenia a cancer in the national health care system

Rossi, president Tuscany Region: “Intramoenia a cancer in the national health system”

Enrico Rossi, President of the Region of Tuscany, spoke at the microphones of the program “Ho scelto Cusano,” hosted by Gianluca Fabi and Livia Ventimiglia on Radio Cusano Campus, station of Niccolò Cusano University (

Rossi called for the’abolition of intramoenia (services provided outside normal working hours by doctors in a hospital), clashing with Health Minister Lorenzin and some in the PD. “To Federico Gelli I say I really appreciate his work, you don’t hurl invective at comrades from the same party, I will not -Rossi said-. I made a serious proposal, supported by those who have been working in health care for tatno. I do so from the high position of a region that first passed the law regularizing intramoenia. It is a bombshell, it is devastating for the National Health Service this perception of injustice that citizens have. So many doctors have a freelance practice, thus making citizens pay.

After 18 years open a discussion I think it is right. Public loses out on 200 million on freelancing. There are those who make 350 euros for a quarter of an hour and have millionaire incomes with freelancing. I am for rewarding good doctors and those who are willing to work harder within the 48-hour limit.

If there is someone who wants to leave the public, no harm done, maybe there are some young people who are better and have more desire than him. Intramoenia is a cancer within the national health care system.”

On Verdini and the majority. “If there had not been the tragedy in Catalonia,” Rossi said, “I would have gone to the Pd leadership and said one thing. Renzi said Verdini serves because the PD lost. I see it differently.

We could do without Verdini if the Pd was united, discussed internally without infamy and throwing invective at each other, and then came up with proposals. If that were the case, there would be none for anyone, not even for Verdini. I will definitely run for secretary of the Pd and launch a political challenge on content, because the left must live inside the Pd.”.