Rome Pride the float of the ANDDOS for prevention against infection

Rome Pride, ANDDOS’float for prevention against infections

Rome Pride 2016: the float set up by the’ANDDOS for prevention against infection: the National Association Against Discrimination (currently 179.930 members) will parade through the streets of the capital on Saturday, June 11, on the theme of education and information against sexually transmitted infections.

Just last Monday on Via San Giovanni in Laterano, in the heart of Rome’s gay street, a debate on prevention was held involving representatives of Anddos, Anlaids and Mario Mieli. The main finding that emerged, in addition to the already known barriers in accessing health care facilities, is a strong absence of information about STIs, testing and prevention, especially in the younger segments of the population. In this regard, as announced during the evening by Stefano D’Agnese, resp. Anddos Health, the detailed report of Dr. Claudio Consoli has been released. Claudio Consoli, social doctor of circles in Rome, relating to the last three years of volunteer activities in the association’s facilities.

Many data were also confirmed by the representative of Anlaids, Rosario Galipò, with reference to the youth segment of the population from 14-19. These include the fact that only 36% of people who sought help from the Anddos social doctor always use condoms, or the fact that more than 60% did not have sufficient knowledge about STIs. On the issue of prevention and information on testing and health facilities, Anddos has long been collaborating with the AIDS and STI hotline 800.861.861 of the ‘Superior Institute of Health For those who want to know where to get tested for HIV and to receive all the information on prevention.

“Another theme proposed on our float this year will be, in addition to health, trades – explains the activist and organizer Rosario Coco – against the most deeply rooted clichés because the diversity of LGBTI people is represented in every working sector of society. For the third year Anddos will be present with its own float at Roma Pride, an event of great importance in the history of the capital to claim equal rights and reaffirm our daily struggle against discrimination by sexual orientation”.

The official inauguration of the new national headquarters at 47 Via Flavia was held on Friday: in attendance were the association&#8217s top leaders, who opened their doors to the public and the press, illustrating the programs and goals of the movement, which is destined to grow numerically even more in terms of members and to represent a point of reference for the entire community, not only LGBTI.

“We will strengthen the support action to our circles, as well as invest in the Listening and Anti-Violence Centers, in the 800 hotline. 864.630 also available via whatsapp and in One Question online support portal – announced the national president Mario Marco Canale – Anddos is therefore preparing for the great cultural challenges of the near future: education for differences, social inclusion and integration, so that diversity is not considered a threat, but an enrichment and an added value in society.”.

A civilized country cannot be hostage to prejudice, intolerance, ideologies and fundamentalism – pointed out the lawyer Antonio Bubici – we all need to move toward an inclusive society.”. Without discrimination.