Not Just Blue Gives a Color for Autism from July 8 to 22 at Spazio Comel

Not Only Blue Gives a Color for Autism: from July 8 to 22 at Spazio Comel

Blue is the color of autism, but when you want to help those with this disease you try to make their lives full of color; this is the purpose for which the exhibition “Not Just Blue” was organized. Donate a Color for Autism.”.

Spazio Comel Arte Contemporanea is organizing a group show of artists who have come together for a charitable cause. An exhibition that includes painting, sculpture and photography will open on Saturday, July 8.

The Roman nonprofit La Sonda su Marte cares for autistic children and their families, and with the “Casa Nostra Project” has set itself an important goal: to create a reality where children afflicted with DSA (Autism Spectrum Disorder) can become independent from their families and can learn to provide for themselves through daily activities and workshops of different kinds.

The project is already underway but needs funds to continue in all its phases, which is why Spazio Comel, counting on the generosity of the artists, has organized the collective exhibition Non Solo Blu, which will not be an exhibition like any other, but will be aimed at a charity auction, the entire proceeds of which will go to support the “Casa Nostra Project”.

The exhibition sees the participation of as many as twenty artists who have joined in by donating one of their works. Established and emerging young artists with one goal: to help those most in need.

The public, after viewing the works on display, will already be able to make an initial bid in a sealed envelope from which the charity auction will start on Wednesday, July 12 at 6 p.m.30. Everyone is invited to take action and actively participate in the fundraiser to benefit the “Our House Project”.

We thank the artists who generously donated one of their works: Claudia Artuso, Fabrizio Bellachioma, Gaetana De Longis, Emanuela Del Vescovo, Massimiliano Drisaldi, Antonio Farina, Kudelya Liliya, Venanzio Manciocchi, Patrizio Marafini, Francesco Martelli, Annalisa Medici, Enzo Natilli, Cinzia Pellin, Mostafa Rahimi Vishteth, Elisa Saltarelli, Emilio Sorvillo, Franco Ciro Tirelli, Angelo Tozzi, Livio Traunini, Angelo Zuena.