Pulpitis as it comes

Pulpite, as it comes

The pulpitis is an inflammation affecting the dental pulp, which is the innermost part of the tooth where there are nerve endings, arteries, venules and odontoblasts. One of the symptoms of pulpitis is pain and therefore toothache, intense and throbbing, which can be persistent or intermittent. Remember that a checkup at the dentist in these cases is recommended.

The non-localized toothache

The toothache, however, is not localized, so much so that the patient cannot indicate where it is coming from.

Originates as a result of dental caries or from trauma to the teeth (periodontitis or pyorrhea, invasive dental surgery, bruxism, dental malocclusions, improper chewing) or poor oral hygiene.

The pain varies in intensity but becomes more pronounced in hot or cold weather or when eating sweet or sugary foods and when chewing.

In the early stages of the disease there is no pain, which is why it is good to have annual checkups at the dentist to diagnose any dental disorders early, treating preventively before the pain becomes unbearable.

Depending on the degree of d’inflammation

Based on the degree of inflammation and the depth of pulpal lesion, two forms of pulpitis can be distinguished.