Withdrawn lot of medicinal specialty TAVOR for reduction of validity period

Withdrawn lot of medicinal specialty “TAVOR” due to reduction in shelf life

The Company Pfizer Italia Srl, in its own note dated July 29, 2016, informed that it has initiated the recall procedure for batch no. 4040 scad. 31/1/2017 of the medicinal specialty TAVOR*INIET 5F 1ML 4MG/ML – AIC 022531139. TAVOR is used to treat anxiety, tension, and other somatic or psychiatric manifestations associated with anxiety syndrome’ and. This withdrawal, highlights Giovanni D’Agata, president of the "Sportello dei Diritti," became necessary following the reduction of the validity period, from 21 to 15 months, of the drug in question.

Therefore, Pfizer urges to immediately suspend the dispensation of the above batch, store any stock in a secure area and prepare it for recall.