Palidoro – City Council gives ok for New Health Presidium

Palidoro – City Council gives the’ok for the New Health Presidium

Yesterday in the City Council, the agenda regarding the Renovation of the former Palidoro health center, which will be the new first aid point to deal with health emergencies in the areas of Fiumicino North. Mayor Montino will immediately initiate the administrative process towards all institutions responsible for health care. Great enthusiasm was expressed by the president of the association Il Piccolo Borgo di Palidoro Paolo Sbraccia, who has been waiting for this “Yes” for a long time.

“The numerous demonstrations, the 1945 signatures collected, the request registered to make municipal institutions and political forces aware of the need to renovate the former garrison has finally found concreteness – Sbraccia proudly states I hope that it is only the first of many actions that the administration and the whole policy will put in place. This commitment cannot and must not remain on paper but find an outlet with concrete actions. For years now, together with many friends and associations, we have been denouncing the state of abandonment of the facility and the need to build a health point there for the northern axis of the municipality, considering also the population boom and the obligation to align services with development“.

Following are the words of Mayor Esterino Montino. “It is important that, for the first time, there has been a formal act, an official commitment by all our councilors. My position is known.

In the coming days I am planning a meeting with the new director of the Asl Roma D to understand what are the times and ways to ensure that the former garrison becomes, to all intents and purposes, a House of Health as requested by thousands of citizens, associations and committees who live in the north of the municipality and who need such a facility being totally lacking“.

“Getting the former Palidoro garrison back on its feet is really important for all citizens living in the areas north of the City of Fiumicino – PD councilors Paola Magionesi and Alessandra Vona affirm– Today, with the approval of this agenda, we wanted to give official form to our demands, which were also presented several times during the last legislature. Citizens of Aranova, Passoscuro, Palidoro, Torrimpietra but also those who live in Castel campanile, Tragliata or Testa di Lepre, just to name a few, must have their right to health guaranteed. That is why we are asking the Asl and the region, that is, the directly competent bodies, to take action so that this facility is brought out of the terrible state of disrepair in which it is located to be put, once again, at the service of citizens.”.